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Online Printing Company to Print Standard Size Catalogs

What is catalog?

Catalog is multi paper printed booklet that is widely used for the promotion of business and different products. Catalog keeps all the basic and relevant information about your business. As catalog contains enough space so you are free to introduce your product in detail.

Dimensions of standard size catalogs

The US standard size catalogs are of 8.5 x 11 inches. Usually standard size catalogs are being printed on 100 lb card stock or 100lb paper stock. Common binding of standard size catalogs is wire-o-binding or saddle-stitched binding with Glossy or Mattel lamination.

Importance of catalogs in business

Truly catalog is printing product that are in less use as compare to business cards, brochures and flyers for the promotion of products due to its cost and expenses. But it is also very much acceptable that if you own big business or even a multination company, no other printing product have the ability to compete it in terms of advertisement.

As it has been discussed that only professional companies place their order to print catalogs therefore it should be looked professional and attractive. Making a catalog is a bit difficult especially if you don’t know exactly about the catalogs.

Choosing a professional and skilled catalog printing company is not a hard effort in these days. While sitting in your offices you can do it. Online printing company comes to your rescue.

Catalog designs and pages

Online printing company offers several offers regarding standard size catalog printing. You are not limited to print fix number of pages. Mostly people prefer to print standard size catalogs with variable number of pages in them. It starts from 8 pages to 64 pages. Increase in number of pages should be directly proportional to the increase of your business and products. If you are placing your order to print standard size catalogs for the first time I would suggest you to print not more than 32 pages. It will allow you to understand the mode of people where you are going to distribute it. If your catalogs are praised and accepted, then place order to your online printing company to print more standard size catalogs with more pages.

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