Market Your Business With BI Fold Brochures

Brochures are type of printed papers used to make the people aware. These are widely used to introduce your business and company. Promotion and advertisement of anything on small scale needs brochures. In order to spread your messages to a specific society and community this printing product is highly regarded due to its high readability rate and feedback from receivers. Whenever anyone starts his new business or introduces a new product or even wants to promote his existing products, he delivers brochures to his customers.

In this growing era of advertisement and commercialization, usage of different types of brochures has proven their strength. Commonly used brochures are bi fold brochures, tri fold brochures or Z fold brochures, four fold brochures or tetra fold brochures. One may change the size and folds of brochures according the length of the contents and sizes of images. Here I have mentioned some does and don’ts to get most of bi fold brochures.

Concise and low cost

Surely bi fold brochures are the most popular folds and first choice of businessmen for the promotional needs.  Concise and low cost printing make bi fold brochures accessible for anyone. Might be there are some people who think that bi fold brochures have less space to print their contents but it is absolutely wrong perception . Standard size of bi fold brochures is 8.5’’ x 11’’. It means it is 8.5 inches high and 11 inches wide. This measurement is standard measurement other than standard size bi fold brochures, one might print custom size. But standard size is enough to print contents and images. It is neither tool large nor too small, in fact a concise size to print.

Due to its two folds it is relatively easy to print at low price by any printing company. If you increase the folds, it means you will have to pay more. But those who have started new business should rely solely on bi fold brochures at least for initial 1 year.

Easy to mail

Big companies use to send their brochures to their permanent costumers. Especially insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions rapidly mail their brochures to keep their customers aware about the running discount offers and much more.  Bi fold brochures are extremely beneficial for this purpose. Less weight and size make them easy to fit in envelopes and cost little on postage.  It is cost and time saver activity and ultimately it would please their receivers’.

Print Glossy or UV coated bi fold brochures

Some brochures printing efforts prove as futile exercise when these are found in trash boxes. Why it is so? It is due to their unattractive material and rough look. In order to brighten the chances to stay for longer period in receivers’ hands, print glossy or UV coated bi fold brochures. Glittering and dazzling look would amaze your readers and they will surely pay good attention to it.