10 latest envelope designs of 2012

Even for today’s business, envelope is an essential article that is used for delivering message, so it should be well crafted and designed, so that it embraces your business into better professional look. Envelopes are the basic article that is used all over the world for sending various documents, bills and other correspondences from one place to another. To have a unique identity of your business you need to have impressive and compelling envelopes, keeping your need in regard, here are 10 latest envelope designs:


8 Key points to remember while creating a brochure design

Even in this computerized era, brochures are still very effectual approach to advertise about your products or services. Briefly, brochures facilitate your target segment makes a buying decision. It is very essential to give attention to each point of your brochure. Even giving attention is not sufficient, you have to make sure what details you should add in your brochure. What you want to emphasize in your brochure; services or product’s detail?

For the better understanding what actually your brochure should have, here are 8 key points that will help you.

 1.       Seize attention of your clients:

You need to explore about what your target segment attracted to. The headline and cover page of the brochure is your first method to capture interest of your clients. Design an amazing cover page and create appealing headline to create your clients interest.

2.       Focus on your client’s advantage:

Your focus should be on proving the benefits that the client will have after obtaining your service or product

3.       Know your clients:

Brochure is not only to tell them about your company. Your clients are much bothered about how they can boost their output by purchasing your product or service. Do extensive researches work to examine your customer wants and then suggest them

4.       Make your business unique:

Take out some time to distinguish your business and your products from your competitor. Give details to your potential clients about your benefits or your competitive advantage, at the same time you need to keep it concise and easy to comprehend

5.       Brochure design is very essential:

Design is as significant as other key points. If your content is interestingly written but the appearance of your brochure isn’t appealing, it will create chances of losing your potential clients, as no one will be eager to even hold your dull brochure. So, it’s better to hire a designer for designing the brochure

6.       Linkage between pages in your brochure:

You need to make certain that your copy flows from one page to the next. Always position your brochure into segments where as each segment has topic and its information. After designing outline, get opinion about this from your companions or your subordinates to know how they perceived your brochure, this will help you to alter the presentation and make it more effective, if required

7.       Uniformity is essential:

Your brochure is your marketing tool, so make it as impressive as you can. So, you need to be sure of that your content, image, design, logo or any information that is given has uniformity and it gives same message

8.       Don’t recommend your clients:

Don’t ever try to tell clients what to do like “call now”, “visit our website”, “buy today” or “what are you waiting at?” Just leave all your details that have your address, phone no., email-ids, website URL.

Brochure is very effective tool for your business that can rise up your profits so be very specific and focused at what you are aiming at. So, remember 8 key points that I have mentioned above to make a valuable brochure that actually works.

Using Sticker Printing for Marketing your Business

Using sticker printing for marketing your business’s products or services, or just for general branding purposes, can be a very innovative and effective means for targeting consumers. Sticker marketing can be fun and innovative, especially when done creatively. Stickers are excellent for promotional purposes because sticker giveaways incentivise people to place them on visible places, in effect turning people into ambassadors for your business and brand. Stickers have been around for decades which means they are attractive to all kinds of demographics because older and younger people can relate alike. Marketing your business goals or objectives through stickers can be very effective for communicating to your target audiences because of this.


Even though older and younger people can relate to stickers, they are wildly popular amongst children. Children love stickers! If you have a business that works with children, giving them stickers can really increase your Return On Investment (ROI) because children put stickers everywhere – they decorate their lunchboxes, backpacks, windows, school walls, and parents’ cars amongst other things.


The wonderful thing about stickers is that they are relatively inexpensive in comparison to many other marketing channels. Today’s modern business environment is increasingly competitive and advertising is ubiquitous. Stickers help break through the noise and clutter when incorporated into your marketing plan. If you are in the business of making money and increasing your sales then you should not ignore the power of stickers. They are cost effective and a powerful sales tool for driving your business forward.


In order to be effective stickers must be valuable to your target consumer. This means that they must be attractive and something that the person is going to want to display for others to see and not throw away in the trash. For added value you can print a message on the back of the sticker in order to increase your effectiveness and ability to convey messages to your audiences. Obviously, it is essential for your sticker to be well designed in regards to colour, shape, size, design and so forth.


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