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Business cards are essential to portray your business image and your professional attitude towards your potential clients, hence, it should be designed in an appealing manner so that it clicks one’s mind and persuade them to avail the product and services that you are offering. Old fashioned and simple business cards aren’t effective, it is important that your business card should be well designed in terms of the material that is being used and especially the information it is carrying in it, a business card should depict your complete corporate profile that grabs the attention of the clients.

Here is a set of fantastic business cards to motivate you:

Create your own brand image by 60+ business cards designs

Brand image plays vital role to show the uniqueness and devotedness of the individual business. A valuable business card is good and convincing source to communicate to your potential customers. While there are a lot of ways in Designing Business Cards, simplicity is most accepted  style in brand designing as well as in general Design community because of its usefulness and sophisticated way.

For all those individual who are wondering how to give their business cards executive and unique image, here are 60+ business cards designs that will cater you.

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Revamp your identity with Dow printing

To have a corporate identity is very important to deliver the essence of professionalism. Whether you are an occasion plotter, a restaurant owner, or a self-employed journalist, owning a business card is a necessity to identify your unambiguous brand significance. The illustration description on your business card is an immense technique of transmission across a set of values and wisdom of principle to your customers. Dow printing is here to inform you how to go regarding obtaining this well-built business identity through your new business card.

Business cards can become an influential means of advertizing for your minute production, if gripped properly. The plan of your business card expresses special business principles that you want your aim client base to connect with your products and services.

Your business card is also liable for bringing reliability to all the outgoing communiqué from your corporation. It symbolizes your true corporate identity in particular when you deal out it throughout business round tables and during your local meeting room of business meetings.

Dow printing is one of the renowned firms to give your corporate identity a better look, to be presentable in the business world.

There are various features that are included in business card offered by Dow printing to revamp your identity:

  1. First of all comes the heading of a business card will comprise the name of your business followed by person’s name. The heading can also be your profession title. This piece of essential information is typically in the center or at the top of the card with outsized and bold layout.
  2. Secondly, your business card should converse information about the manufactured goods or service you are advertising through a pleasing visual avowal. This can be prepared by using a striking logo, a convincing image, or a blend of colors.
  3. A jingle gets across the chief idea of your company, or your individual/ corporation significance.
  4. While presenting your contact information, try to incorporate a lot of ways to reach you as likely. A cell phone number, a voicemail number, an e-mail ID, a website address and perhaps a Twitter address are all essential today.

Significantly Watch out Business Cards Dow printing offers:

  1. An apparent and clear-cut design to communicate your exact significance to your client society
  2. An average size 3.5” by 2” business card for it to fit in a wallet, or a card diary
  3. A huge supply of your business cards accessible with you at all times
  4. A specialized quality publish job to indicate that you are a devoted home business owner and signify actual dealing
  5. Use of a paper or any other writable plane on the overturn side to note down any unprepared information


There are various creative and unique methods through which Dow printing furnished its prestigious clients. The wide variety of all shapes and sizes are available, along with eye catching logo designs in bulk that will revamp your corporate identity and will help you in flourishing your business.