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Giving Your Best Shot In Logo Designing


Logo designs –the objective

A logo is one of the most important things which convey the owner’s intended message. It should be appropriate, distinctive, practical, pleasing to eye and simple in appearance. A good logo is one which carries a concept or “purpose” while translating the owner’s objectives. A logo should be appealing irrespective of the print size and look good even in black and white.

Designing a logo Clients are usually fussy about their work. When designing a logo you should ensure that the final design satisfies their needs. Experts usually follow some typical steps as given below. As you have more experience, you will be able to develop your own process:

Understanding client’s needs Get a clear picture of what your client wants by conducting an interview with him.

Industry know-how Research the industry, background and competitors and then proceed to designing. Develop a problem solving approach.

Play it safe by researching current styles It is always better to learn about current styles and trends by learning about the current styles and trends which might be common to the design brief. It is important to knowing what’s in just for awareness and not necessarily to follow.

Concept development and sketching Let your creative juices flow. Keep the brief and your research in mind while developing the logo design. Inspiration is the key. It is better to sketch your idea on paper first and then actually design on the computer. Sketching can fuel your imagination and help you execute your final idea well.

Pause It is not wise to rush the design process. Take a pause every now and then. This will make sustain your interest in the project, make your ideas mature and help you improve upon you idea.

Keep on revising It is not useless to keep on revising and improving the logo whether your aim is to guide the client or get instructions from the client.

Finale When you have visualized, sketched, created and finalized some logo designs, present only the best ones to client. It is best to submit them in PDF format. The client will more clearly visualize the brand identity if you show the logo in context. Hence it is very important to create an effective presentation in order to show your designs to the client. Presentation should speak for itself and the client should have no difficulty in making the final choice. Kill them by giving your best shot in logo designing!

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