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Suggestions for printing greeting cards in inkjet



There are ways of doing things and printing greeting cards requires care. Here are a few suggestions for printing greeting cards in inkjet:


For optimum results, use Photoshop Elements:

For best results in greeting card layout and printing, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements are the best options. They offer the best of color management, photo and text placement and layout size thus bringing in the most flexibility. The Elements version of Photoshop offers numerous options and is quite cheap even though the program itself is rather expensive.



Customizing paper size

Using most pre-scored inkjet note cards requires defining a custom paper size to your printer. Epson, Canon and HP all have this feature. The trick is to always define paper sizes the same way by setting the width to the smaller dimension of your paper. The height or length will always be the longer dimension of your sheet.  Depending on how your greeting card is presented, what is required after that is to change the orientation button.



Inner first, please!

Printing greeting cards requires the right approach. It is worthwhile to print the information on the inside a card first. So go ahead with printing of text or graphics on the inside. This hinders the risk of scratching since the photo side will only pass through the printer once.



Proper size of the cards:

Your envelopes should match the size of the card. Envelope standard sizes are usually in line with sizes of greeting cards. You should keep this in mind while designing cards.



Planning before hand:

Before you buy your paper you have to plan whether you want to print photos on the inside and outside. All Inkjet printable card stock does not ascertain photo printing on both sides. If the aim is to have photo printing on both sides, then one should go for a double sided, a 2-sided, or a C2S product. You should be prepared ahead of your time in choosing your design than making your paper purchase.


Do not over-stuff:

Do not put too many sheets in the paper tray at one time. Large stacks of card stock cannot really be put into most inkjet printers. It is best to only put 5-10 sheets in the paper tray at a time. And when it comes to extra heavy papers or fine art cotton media, you should only feed them one at a time.




Avoid paper mis-feed:

Avoid paper mis-feed by keeping the feed mechanism of your printer free of paper debris and inkjet coating.


As a last, it is desired that when you print the photo side of your card is printed first, hence set your layout.




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