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The technological revolution has eased many of the problems in the printing sector. When you want to produce shipping labels, CD labels, gift tags, individual address labels, gift tags, business cards, return address labels, DVD labels, post cards and many other types of requirements, you can use your printer to serve the purpose. Built-in templates can be used with the help of an unpublicized feature in Word 2007 and 2010.  These templates can suit just about any sheet of labels you can buy.  Meanwhile, you can leave other sheets blank.


1. First of all, select the Mailings tab to use the built-in templates. Next, bring up the ‘Envelopes and Labels by clicking Labels in the Create subsection on the left-hand side of the ribbon. In the address window, paste or enter an address. Click the small address-book icon to select an addressee from your contacts list in Outlook. Paste or write an address in the address window. If your intent is not to print an address label then you can skip this step.


2. Select Full page of the same label or single label in the Print section on the left. Select the row and column of the label you want to print if you have selected former option. When you want to print an address on a single blank label on a sheet of 30 labels, then you should use this option. As suggested by the dialogue box, insert the label sheet into your printer’s manual-feed tray.


3. Now you have to click Options. Select ‘field’ by clicking the down arrow next to the Label vendors. A display of brands of labels will appear and you can select what you want to finalize. A list of many vendors will be visible to you including Avery and Office Depot. In order to select the exact labels, scroll through the list under Product number to select the exact labels and then click OK.


4. You are now ready to print whether you are doing whole sheet printing or label printing. You can repeat this process if you wish to print several single labels on a sheet. You just have to select the ‘Single label’ option every time.


5. You can always download a suitable free template from Microsoft if Word does not offer you a built-in template for your labels. This is also true in case you want to use someone else’s design. Create a new document by clicking ‘New’ by checking File tab or Office button. Click Labels in the many options under ‘ templates’. For various types of projects you will have folders. You just need to browse through the available options by clicking on the folder. Click to download any one which you really like.



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Innovative Business Cards esign

Innovation is something that gets appreciation from everyone because it is refreshing to see and gives a new look. Business demands innovations, something different from the rest of the world. Using innovative business cards design for the promotion of business is the best tool to stand out from the crowd. Unique designs come from a concept. There is no hard and fast rule to design innovative business cards if you have esthetic sense and have the ability to analyze the things from different dimension, you can develop a strong base for your business. An innovative business cards design is very much essential aspect to create a separate identity of your brand.

While designing a business card you must keep in mind the profession you have adopted. If your card reflects the exact image of your business it means you has started promoting your work. Design, color scheme, contents, logo and eye catching slogans should be compatible with your business. For example you have a show room of antique utensils. You need to design your business cards in such ways that would speak the language of your antique business. Don’t go with the flow. You have to create your own impact among your customers and it can be done only by innovative business cards designs.

Time to Avoid Conventional Business Cards

You want to contact a person for some reasons but can’t do so as you have lost his business cards. It means you have lost the personal identity of someone. Suppose you are a business man and do a lot of efforts to print and distribute your business card for the advertisement of your business but at the end of the day receiver loses your card. Your efforts become a futile exercise if you don’t get the desire result from it. What are the reasons behind losing business cards and how you can compel your customers to keep your business cards with them?

1. worthless business cards

Purpose of printing business cards is that it would help the people to contact with you whenever they need. But it is a common nature of human being that he doesn’t bother to keep those things with them that look ordinary, worthless and unappealing. Printing business cards is not the full effort done by you, print appealing and attractive one. In other words print custom business cards. Unorthodox style will help you a lot to stand out from the crowd. You are not supposed to hand over conventional type of pieces of cards. These may become an element to ruin your personal identity. But on the other hand if you print custom business cards with different shapes and style, it will force the receiver to keep it safe in his business card case. Try to avoid boring sort of cards templates. You are not bound to print what others are printing. Other than style and layout of card, thing that matters, is the color. Full color and CMYK printing is best option to utilize.

2. feeble business cards

Weak material is the other reason of losing business cards. You are aware about impact of custom business cards but you choose thin and scrawny cards stock. It may save your little money but also damage your business. Good quality material of cards can enhance its looks and acceptability. Usually people prefer to use 12 pt thicknesses. But reality is that it is not the appropriate type of card to print best business cards. 15 pt (350 gsm) is the right option. Add glossy, matte or UV coating. It will prevent the card from scratches and make it durable for long time. If you have allocated a handsome budget for the advertisement, try metal and plastic to print your custom business cards. You need to handover your metal or plastic identity once to your customer.