Market Your Business With BI Fold Brochures

Brochures are type of printed papers used to make the people aware. These are widely used to introduce your business and company. Promotion and advertisement of anything on small scale needs brochures. In order to spread your messages to a specific society and community this printing product is highly regarded due to its high readability rate and feedback from receivers. Whenever anyone starts his new business or introduces a new product or even wants to promote his existing products, he delivers brochures to his customers.

In this growing era of advertisement and commercialization, usage of different types of brochures has proven their strength. Commonly used brochures are bi fold brochures, tri fold brochures or Z fold brochures, four fold brochures or tetra fold brochures. One may change the size and folds of brochures according the length of the contents and sizes of images. Here I have mentioned some does and don’ts to get most of bi fold brochures.

Concise and low cost

Surely bi fold brochures are the most popular folds and first choice of businessmen for the promotional needs.  Concise and low cost printing make bi fold brochures accessible for anyone. Might be there are some people who think that bi fold brochures have less space to print their contents but it is absolutely wrong perception . Standard size of bi fold brochures is 8.5’’ x 11’’. It means it is 8.5 inches high and 11 inches wide. This measurement is standard measurement other than standard size bi fold brochures, one might print custom size. But standard size is enough to print contents and images. It is neither tool large nor too small, in fact a concise size to print.

Due to its two folds it is relatively easy to print at low price by any printing company. If you increase the folds, it means you will have to pay more. But those who have started new business should rely solely on bi fold brochures at least for initial 1 year.

Easy to mail

Big companies use to send their brochures to their permanent costumers. Especially insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions rapidly mail their brochures to keep their customers aware about the running discount offers and much more.  Bi fold brochures are extremely beneficial for this purpose. Less weight and size make them easy to fit in envelopes and cost little on postage.  It is cost and time saver activity and ultimately it would please their receivers’.

Print Glossy or UV coated bi fold brochures

Some brochures printing efforts prove as futile exercise when these are found in trash boxes. Why it is so? It is due to their unattractive material and rough look. In order to brighten the chances to stay for longer period in receivers’ hands, print glossy or UV coated bi fold brochures. Glittering and dazzling look would amaze your readers and they will surely pay good attention to it.

Some Help to Coup with Problems Regarding Brochure Printing

Brochure printing is the most suitable method for the promotion of your business. You can easily spread your message with the help of brochure distribution. A lot of people find it very easy to print the brochures and distribute them but still there are many people who are facing serious problems in order to choose brochures for the advertisement of their business. They raise certain questions.

How to choose a good design of brochure?

Choosing a good and worth discussing design of brochure is not a difficult task, but if you haven’t printed brochures in past you might find yourself in a fix while thinking about the design and layout of the brochure. While thinking about the design and layout you want to print take some important things in your mind. First understand the nature of business you are running. There should be a strong compatibility among your brochure design and business. Let suppose you have a toy shop and want to promote your toys business, what would be the design of brochure you print. Definitely you would look to print that kind of stuff that attract the children, you might add colors, cartoons and other things that have capacity to attract the children but on the other hand if you would place your order to print a brochure having a design and colors that suit the mind of grown children, you would fail to convey your message to the target audience. Another solution of your problem is to talk with the customer care representatives of online printing companies. Online printing company offers you 24/7 live chat support. You can talk on every aspect of your brochure without any hesitation.

How to deal with budget problems?

Perhaps the most common problem now a day is to manage the budget in every field of life. Similar case is with the brochure printing. If you have low budget to print this stuff, you need to worry. You can print small size brochures or bi fold brochure instead of printing long with many folding. You may also save your money placing your order without glossy or matte finish. No doubt in the absence of glossy or matte lamination your brochure will look clumsy but once you distribute this stuff and gain a good business you may print well finished brochures with heavy and thick paper stock.

Promote your business with Round Corner Business Cards and Bi Fold Brochures

Running a business means, to adopt several tools for the promotion of business. How many tools are commonly being used for the advertisement?

1. Round corner business cards

Everyone knows about business cards and using widely for the promotion of their businesses. But how you can stand out of the crowd? When going for business cards printing, prefer round corner business cards. Printing professionals give various reasons to choose round corner business cards. These reasons are given as follows

1.       Round corner business cards give a unique look in your drawer if you place with other conventional type of business cards.

2.       Round edges of this type of business cards increase its life when they pass through hands.

3.       It is easy to give different custom shapes on round corner business cards

Standard Business Cards

Business Cards

2. DL envelopes

First thing that comes in mind of anyone is about the meaning of DL envelopes. DL stands for Dimension Lengthwise. The common measurement of this size of envelope is 22cm in width and 11cm in height. The advantages of using DL envelopes for the office or personal correspondence are given as follows:

The size of this envelope is very much convenient to carry A4 Secondly the lightweight of DL envelopes is the property that make it worth usable. Hence the lightweight yields in less payment for postage.

3. Bi fold brochures

The other name of Bi Fold brochures is 2 fold brochures. Bi fold brochures are widely being used due to its enormous space to give a brief introduction about your business and other things. So the space of bi fold brochure or 2 fold brochure make it different among other simple or single side brochures. This type of brochure is ideal for a small business and personal usages.

4. Cheap calendar printing

Calendar is a kind of printed stuff that provides an easy-to-use, strong interface for time management, scheduling, and planning and consultation for date. But in business promotion, it has proved an essential tool. A part from printing date, a good space is also given to advertise your business. But printing calendar is an expensive exercise because different sizes, different paper options and graphics are widely being used in calendars. Whenever you think that there is a need for calendars to promote your business, always try to place order for cheap calendar printing because at the end of the day you will have to distribute these calendars to your customers free of cost. So don’t go for spending extra on it rather go for cheap calendar printing.

Wall Calendars