Benefits Involved in Choosing Printing Brokers


Brochure Printing is no more a hectic exercise to be done. You may find hundreds of local and conventional printing companies around you to do this job. That’s fine! Now where is the problem? You own a large company. You have thousands of clients and same numbers of people are waiting to be contacted. It means you need large amount of business cards, brochures, flyers etc. you call 3 or 4 printing companies to get quotation for each product and you get 8 different quotations for every product. Now you are confused and don’t know how to handle this printing job.

I think if you go for that printing company who has given you the lowest quotations then you need crossed fingers. I am sure you won’t get the exact what you want. It means that no company is perfect for your all printing jobs. Hence you need a printing broker who represents all your demands and needs in front of most appropriate printer.

How Printing Brokers Work?

Printing brokers or print management companies work with the 3 fundamental concepts.

  1. To find the best printing companies for every printing product.
  2. To Cut off the leg service of their clients in order to find the appropriate companies.
  3. To reduce the cost of printing by ordering bulk orders.

Firstly, you are a primary customer and you need to print different products for the advertisement of your company. You need not to find the printers for your business cards, brochures and flyers. Just contact with a printing broker and forward your order. These printing brokers will give you a cost of your job that you pay to the broker, now it is up to the broker what it pays to the actual printing company for your job. What you save in this step? You save the hassle of getting quotations from different companies. You just pay to the management company.

Secondly, you need not to roam here and there to find the appropriate printing company. Save your time and money. Go for printing brokers and leave the rest to them.

Last but not least, if you find a good printing company for your business cards printing, they charge you as an individual client. May be the cost for your 1000 business cards would be 500$. But if you work with the printing broker, they don’t represent you as an individual client. They take the orders from many clients and then go to the original printing companies. Now they act as an individual client with bulk of orders in their hands. More orders means less cost. So the cost of 1000 business cards that you would pay to the printing company will become 300$ for you. What you save here? You have reduced the cost and finally pay less to the original cost.

Printing Brokers and Online Printing Companies

Advancement in information technology has reduced the spaces between companies and clients. You may find the many online printing companies for you printing needs, but few of them are considered as specialist in all printing jobs. Most of them only work in one field. So you need to take services of printing brokers who will find the suitable and professional online printing company to fulfill your printing desires and needs.



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Easy steps to create brochure

Can you actually make unique brochure design?  In my view every individual has some uniqueness and you can implement your design if you just know the simple few steps to design your brochure. For this you need to be creative and artistic, so that you can project uniqueness in your brochure designs, though idea can be taken from the templates that are available.

The only thing you need to get you started is to let your imagination have broad and wide vision. Tap into your abilities and you might even be amazed to find out that you really have talent to become an expert layout artist. How would you like that?


Anyhow, I will be guiding you throughout this article in a simple step-by-step guide in designing a brochure for your business that will portray a better image of your firm. Following these simple steps you can create your own brochure designs.

1.       Purpose of your brochure:

Are you trying to get new clients, or do you want to give extensiveness details of your services to your existing clients? Are you offering or launching any new product that needs to be advertised?  To have an influential brochure you should be focused on the objective of creating a brochure.

2.       Your budget:

If you’re entirely lost as to where to start planning, call a fewprinters to get cost. The cost will depend upon the type and size of brochure.

3.       Write your brochure objectives:

When you are sure about the purpose of your brochure, set out your objectives in bullet points. Use those points as an outline for your brochure design.

Write in active speech. Cover the details needed to support your purpose, but don’t make it boring and dull for your readers. Use shortest, easily comprehended words. When you feel you have noticeably spoken your significance, put it aside. After it’s not so fresh in your mind, revise your copy and modify it. Have your print edited for grammar and punctuation, remove errors. At last, ask some expert to read the outline and edit it if necessary.

Lay out the brochure:

The brochure design should fit your points and plan. As you already know if you will print or photocopy your brochure, design your brochure accordingly. Ensure everything including spelling, punctuation, and placement of artwork, lining up of columns, and anything else you can think of. Don’t forget to give significant information such as business name, address, and telephone. Include your website and e-mail address, if any. Then take printout of the complete brochure. Lastly, arrange prints of your brochure.

Wheeze! With these easy steps, you have made an economical, unique, specialized marketing tool for your company.

Give a language to your business by printing Custom business cards

Have you ever noticed that how many business cards you have in your business cards holder? Have you ever tried to notice them with respect to their looks, layout, design and paper? If you keep 50 business cards with you, I am sure that hardly 5 of them have appealed you and get your intentions, then what’s about the rest and why only 5 grabbed your intention? Simple answer is, the unique among majority are custom business cards. Now if you are a business man or own a company and heading to advertise it, what type of business cards would you print? Whether they will be ordinary or stereotype orthodox cards or custom business cards? Yes off course you will prefer custom business cards because these types of cards have the ability to remain in business cards holders of your customers for long time.

What is custom business card?

Word custom business card stands for a type of business card that fulfills all the needs and desires of the person who prints cards.

How custom business cards work?

While printing custom business cards, man is free to choose layout, design, color scheme and paper type. This card is definitely gives a different look to the other ordinary and conventional business card sizes. Let suppose you are a photographer and want to print business cards for the promotion of the services you are providing. If you print a business card which has digital cameras and other photo printing gadgets on it. What it shows? Card may suit an electronics business but not your photo business. What it will yield? At the end of the day nobody will notice your business card and your business may reach on the verge of devastation. No doubt that these electronic devices you use in your photo work but your business is more than about electronics. You are doing a creative work. What you should do? Bring some creation and art work in your business card. You should place your order to print custom business cards which carry innovative colors, different styles and designs. It will appeal your customers. You can add different images of your art work on your custom business cards. Use bright colors and innovative design with different types of card stock. Give a unique look to your business card. Stand out from the crowd. You can also print die cut custom business cards. Whenever you visit online printing company, spend much time on the designs and specifications provided by online printing company. Draw a brief sketch of your custom business cards in your mind and then talk with the correspondent of that online printing company to tell him what you want to print. Ask for a sample of your custom business cards, highlight the changes and remove the mistakes and then ask for machine printing.

You know your business more than others, so don’t follow others. Make your own impression.