Market your electronics business by printing DVD business card sizes

People usually find themselves in a fix about business card printing. They don’t know which business card sizes they should print and similarly from where to print. These are the questions that are being faced by every third person who is running his own business or a company. Choosing right and appropriate business card sizes and printing company is much important for the marketing of company.

Momentous changes have been occurred in the field of printing and designing. People are free to choose designs of business card sizes from internet and print it from online printing company in no time. Definitely online printing company gives you much space and satisfaction to market your business in most convenient way. Try to walk with the pace of time or let others to beat you. Always prefer online printing company for your printing products and office documents. It is as simple and easy as calling to some fast food restaurant for pizza sitting in front of your TV sets on holidays.

Here I have mentioned business card sizes for electronics business.

DVD template business card sizes

DVDs or CDs are the most commonly used in electronics. When If you are running an electronic business then I would recommend you to print business card sizes with CD dimension and design. It would add a ‘wow’ fector in your costumer’s excitement when he will recive your business card.

CD or DVD business card sizes are 84mm x 60mm.

Printing different business cards size gives you an edge

Surely a business card is your identity and provides firsthand knowledge about you and your company or business. Doing business on larger scale means that you have customer beyond your country’s boundaries. Therefore you need more business cards with different sizes to pass on not only to your own countrymen but to other countries as well.

Business cards size is the most important element for the impressive brand image of your business to your customers. Printing different business cards sizes for different audience gives a professional look to your company.

Standard size of business card:

Usually people prefer to print standard size of business card.US standard size of business card is 3.5 x 2 inches and it is also called as horizontal business card.

But if you are looking to engage other people outside your country, then you must have to print business cards of those sizes that are being printed in their countries. Here I have mentioned some standard sizes of business cards of different countries.

ISO 216, A8 business card:

Internationally accepted size of business card is 2.913 × 2.047. Business card is this size is place in the office of International standard measurements.

European standard business card size

The European standard business card size is 3.346 × 2.165. This size is widely accepted in Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Taiwan, Sweden

Standard business card sizes for above mentioned countries is 3.370 × 2.125. It is slightly different from European size of business cards.

If your budget allows you to print different business cards sizes then pick the right size and give an edge to your company over your competitors in market.