Right Colors for Your Custom Business Cards

One has understood the power of custom business cards as the indispensable tool for the promotion of business. But while printing them, he may raise questions regarding the colors to be used on custom business cards. This question gets a lot of importance if you haven’t printed business cards. In fact color scheme is the elements that has strong tendency to grab the attention of customers when you handover them and it is the power of colors which compel the receivers to spend sometimes to analyze your personality and professional reflected by the color scheme you have used.

Before selecting the colors, first understand the nature of your profession. There should be a strong relation between profession and colors. Every color has its own significance so the right compatibility and relation yields a lot. Here I have tried to elaborate some color schemes according to some professions.

1. Conventional black and white colors

You own a book shop, you are a teacher or a lawyer you should use simple and classic black and white color scheme on your custom business cards. The power of black and white never comes to an end that is why black and white cards are known as classic cards. But keep one thing in your mind that by using these colors your card will reflect a sober and mature look to the receivers and if you haven’t select a right material for your cards then you may spoil the cards thus black and white color need attractive material. You may print white text on black back ground or print black text on white back ground, it all up to you. It will also help you to save your money.

2. Full color or CMYK colors

Other than black and white colors the most commonly used colors in majority of the custom business cards are full colors or CMYK colors. This is a mixture of four basic colors, cyan, and magenta, yellow and key (black). Highly attractive and accurate images and graphics are usually printed by using CMYK color technology. If your custom business cards carry images, you need to ask for full color printing from your printing company.

3. Metallic Colors

Number of people is inspired by the shinny look of cards, so a lot people prefer to use golden and silver ink in red back ground of their custom business cards. It gives a fancy and shinny look.