5 easy steps to make your envelop look different

Many entrepreneurs have trouble to get a finest way to project their  professional image, particularly through regular communication channels such as mailings and direct marketing. Every company has letters to mail to both partners and clients, and each letter is sent in an envelope. So it is important that the envelope should deliver the professional image. Envelope should be designed in such a way that it motivates recipients to open it. Having your corporate identity on your envelopes depicts your brand image. A colorful logo and few graphic elements such as circles, lines, squares and swooshes, if added in the envelope design gives a unique touch to your brand.

You can make your envelope look different by following these 5 easy steps:

1.       Focus on your envelope color

Color is the major feature of your business envelopes. The trend of having white envelopes doesn’t exist much in this modernized era; you need to have a unique color for your envelope to give it a different look from others. Unique color besides being noticeable and striking, they will be remembered for longer time span.

2.       Logo design

Logo designs, that are embossed in the envelope matters a lot. It is where people assess the official nature of your business envelopes. They review business envelope through the quality and inspiring nature of your logos and supporting images.

Therefore, you should be careful and mindful while creating your logo design on your business envelopes. Make certain that you utilize high resolution, full color quality logos and images so that it enhances the worth of your envelope and gain attention of the clients.

3.       Text font style

The major content of most business envelopes is text. The font style makes a huge difference in how people will recognize these prints. Use simple and readable font’s styles and size, so that your message is delivered in a persuasive way. Using professional web 2.0 fonts will add value to your envelope.

4.       Paper quality

Printing envelopes on low quality of paper won’t gain attention of your clients to read the material inside it, so use high quality of paper material. Use thick and smooth paper to appeal and grab the attention of your clients. Paper quality and paper finishes will make a huge difference on how your envelopes will look overall.

5.       Extra marketing headlines

Finally, if you are the type of designer that uses additional headlines in business envelopes, you should understand that they can also contribute in the presentation of such prints. Use something explicit and targeted for your potential readers and you will see that they will obtain more positive responses from your business mails.

You can take help from a professional and expert people to design a unique business envelope for you that will surely boost up your image in the business market.

What is DL envelope?

DL Envelopes are type of paper envelope that fits A4 size paper twice folded in it. D stands for Dimension and L stands for Lengthwise. So it is basically a dimension lengthwise envelope.

DL Envelopes

DL Envelopes

Measurements of DL envelope

DL envelope contains 22 cm in width with horizontal dimension and 11cm height in vertical dimension.

Types of DL envelope

Due to its wide usage, this type of envelope are being printed in different types like; plain DL envelope, printed DL envelope, window DL envelope, logo DL envelope, gummed DL envelope, non gummed DL envelope. while using gummed DL envelopes you need not to use any extra sticky material to enclose the flap of envelope because it already contain enough gum, you just need to make it sticky by moisten it using drops of water or by saliva.

Usage of DL envelopes

These types of envelopes are widely being used for domestic and non official purpose because you have to fold the A4 paper to fit it in DL envelope. Folding of paper will make the paper rough and may give it a little non official look, but these are very much helpful if you want short correspondence.

Custom DL envelopes printing online

A bulk of online printing companies can be seen printing DL envelopes online. But if you are looking for customized and full color DL envelopes be choosy and spend a little time to place your order to print it. It may look very simple to print these envelopes but professional online printing companies know that simple things too can make impression. So make your impression by printing good DL envelopes from well reputed printing company either it is a non line or online printing company.

Promote your business with Round Corner Business Cards and Bi Fold Brochures

Running a business means, to adopt several tools for the promotion of business. How many tools are commonly being used for the advertisement?

1. Round corner business cards

Everyone knows about business cards and using widely for the promotion of their businesses. But how you can stand out of the crowd? When going for business cards printing, prefer round corner business cards. Printing professionals give various reasons to choose round corner business cards. These reasons are given as follows

1.       Round corner business cards give a unique look in your drawer if you place with other conventional type of business cards.

2.       Round edges of this type of business cards increase its life when they pass through hands.

3.       It is easy to give different custom shapes on round corner business cards

Standard Business Cards

Business Cards

2. DL envelopes

First thing that comes in mind of anyone is about the meaning of DL envelopes. DL stands for Dimension Lengthwise. The common measurement of this size of envelope is 22cm in width and 11cm in height. The advantages of using DL envelopes for the office or personal correspondence are given as follows:

The size of this envelope is very much convenient to carry A4 Secondly the lightweight of DL envelopes is the property that make it worth usable. Hence the lightweight yields in less payment for postage.

3. Bi fold brochures

The other name of Bi Fold brochures is 2 fold brochures. Bi fold brochures are widely being used due to its enormous space to give a brief introduction about your business and other things. So the space of bi fold brochure or 2 fold brochure make it different among other simple or single side brochures. This type of brochure is ideal for a small business and personal usages.

4. Cheap calendar printing

Calendar is a kind of printed stuff that provides an easy-to-use, strong interface for time management, scheduling, and planning and consultation for date. But in business promotion, it has proved an essential tool. A part from printing date, a good space is also given to advertise your business. But printing calendar is an expensive exercise because different sizes, different paper options and graphics are widely being used in calendars. Whenever you think that there is a need for calendars to promote your business, always try to place order for cheap calendar printing because at the end of the day you will have to distribute these calendars to your customers free of cost. So don’t go for spending extra on it rather go for cheap calendar printing.

Wall Calendars