Standard Business Cards for Various Businesses

Business cards always play an important role to spread a word about any business. The information on a business card includes name, brand logo, company name and other contact information. This information can be really beneficial to promote any identity or business. There are many types of standard business cards and that are:

Standard Business Cards

Custom Business Cards

Round Corner Business Cards

Folded Business Cards

When it comes to standard business cards; they are 3.5 * 2 Inches and they are printed on 14pt (300 gsm) cover stock. The printing can be done on both sides for the card and it can be full color printing with Glossy or Matte lamination and even with horizontal and vertical printing. The size mentioned above is standard US size. The standard business cards can be printed for various business purposes like Cafés, Travels, Electronics Restaurants, and Motels.

The more information about printing standard business cards can be found at and even you can order online to print business card for various business card sizes.

Save with online printing services offered by professional online printing company

This is an era of competition. If you want to survive in the competition you must have to do something different from your competitors. Like all other businesses, online printing companies are also facing a tough competition. That is why online printing companies offer low cost printing services to their customers to earn business. Printing for customers at low prices is something that is much suitable and encourages the people to do their printing jobs done by the online printing companies. It would not wrong to say that you can save a lot if you are heading towards online printing services.

If you are an online printing hunter to fulfill your printing needs, here are some tips that will help you a lot while hiring online printing companies.

Hunt all types of online printing companies: first of all you should keep in mind a thing that no online printing company can print your all types of printing companies. Some online printing companies have the ability to print professionally designed business cards, some print professional brochures. You have to forward your order only those printing companies who can fulfill all your needs on low rates. Similarly some might offer business cards at affordable rates but on the other hand they are costly for printing brochures. Hiring approperiate and professional printing services may look a tough effort but with the help of search engines it can be done so easily. Consult all the quotations of your product and then analyze the services they are offering against prizes.

Ask for samples: when you decide that which online printing suits you best, ask it for a sample of your printing order. It is multi dollar effort. If your sample is perfect and have all the elements what you want and also on reasonable then don’t waste your time in forwarding order to that printing company.

These days, everyone is out to save every penny of their hard-earned cash in online printing. If you do a market check for the online printing environment nowadays, the catchphrase is usually “cheap printing”, “cost effective prints” and “low budget production and printing”.

This means that everyone is trying to avoid the expensive online printing services and most are trying to “Google-out” the cheapest ones with the best quality prints. If you are one of those online printing bargain hunters, here are a few tips in avoiding the expensive online printing companies, while trying to spot the affordable but decent quality ones.

Look for big and small companies alike – The first basic rule in finding cheap online printing services is to look at everyone. Take note, we mean everyone! Search for all kinds of printers, from big or small operations, popular or unpopular printers, international or local publishing houses. Be extensive as you can be in your search for cheap online printing. Not everyone can offer the best deals for specific kinds of printing orders. Some might offer generally cheap options for flier printing for example, while they charge exorbitant rates for custom business cards. Each printing service has their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to take all of this into account as you search for the best printing deal.

This may sound like a daunting task, but in actuality, it is not. With the speed and power of the Internet, you can have a nice extensive list of cheap online printing services within an afternoon. You can root out the expensive ones and pick out the cheap ones within a few hours time.

Compare and Contrast – Now, you may have a nice list of cheap printing companies, but you still need to compare them. The second rule in finding cheap online printing services is to compare and contrast. Fortunately, Internet browsers nowadays can help you with this procedure. Here is how to easily compare online printers in terms of their price.

First, load up your first choice for an online printer. Try to get a sample quotation by filling out some of their order forms. In most cases, an estimated printing quotation will appear for your sample order. Now, after this, use the “add new tab” feature (which is now common to most browsers) and then open the next website for online printing. Afterwards, just repeat the first step by completing another sample order, making sure that you put in the same kind of printing details and getting the free printing quotation. Do these steps again and again until your online printing list is all checked out.

Now, since you have opened your online printing pages in tabs, it would be easy for you to change within websites and see the differences in the pricing quotations. By comparing the different prices, you should pretty much spot the online printing service that you may be interested in.

Checking samples – As the last rule for cheap online printing, never forget to check your chosen printer’s sample printouts. A sample printing will be a good reference for the overall dollar value of the prints. If that sample is relatively decent for the cheap cost that they are offering, then you may have a winner for cheap online printing. Therefore, all in all, you have to search extensively, compare correctly and judge carefully the work and prices of the online printer to get the cheapest and best possible firm.

Follow the rules above and chances are good that you can locate the ideal online printer for you and your printing budget.

Online printing company, a best choice to print custom business cards

When you talk about the advertisement of your business first thing that comes in your minds is to print custom business cards, but for this appropriate job, what comes in your mind? Definitely an online printing company.

Doing Printing business with online printing company to print your custom business cards is something that can save your much precious time. But finding professional and good online printing equipped with latest technology and abilities to satisfy your needs about printing 4 color custom business cards on affordable rates, is something that demands a good exercise. In New York alone you may find an online printing company on every corner of street that may attract you but don’t be hasty while choosing an online printing company especially when you know little about full color business cards printing services with best qualities and prices. I have tried my best to reduce your tension and give a brief introduction of 4 best and world’s famous online printing companies that will serve you in better ways if you contact them to printing your custom business cards.

Vista Print: Vista print as an online printing company offers different types of double side full color custom business that is an essential tool for your business promotion. It contains innovative designs that are created by professional team and it also offers you to print your own make custom business cards. Branches of this online printing company are widely spread in different countries.


Dow printing: is unlike all other conventional printing companies to print custom business cards on low rates but it gives a you language to your expressions. Millions of customers have their faith in Dow Printing for more than 12 years. Portfolio of this online printing company accumulates the best custom business cards. If you want to print 250,500,100 custom business cards then it will best option for your job. Furthermore the thing which appealed me a lot is the service of printing in less time. Currently it is situated in New York. I have been placing orders to get my innovative custom business card with full confidence for last two years.


Moo Printing:  another online printing company to print high quality double side custom business cards is Moo Printing. Company was founded in 2004.visit its website if want custom business cards on low rates.


U printing: the digital online printing company. Famous offers of this company are File Reviews and proofing services that are free of cost. Feel free while ordering your online custom business cards on discount rates.