10 latest envelope designs of 2012

Even for today’s business, envelope is an essential article that is used for delivering message, so it should be well crafted and designed, so that it embraces your business into better professional look. Envelopes are the basic article that is used all over the world for sending various documents, bills and other correspondences from one place to another. To have a unique identity of your business you need to have impressive and compelling envelopes, keeping your need in regard, here are 10 latest envelope designs:


Envelopes Can Strengthen Your Business Relations

Good communication is the most effective tool to strengthen the relation. Good communication wants mature process between two persons. You are running a business. Business also depends upon good communication between you and your customers. Envelopes have the ability to yield a good relation with your customers.

How envelopes are useful to enhance relations?

Every one demands appreciation and attention from others. You are on giving end. Whenever you need to correspond with your customers, take help from envelopes. It will show them that you are serious to brace relation. Whenever you need to send any document to your clients, it is strongly suggested that use envelopes. It will compel them to open it with enthusiasm and pleasure. Once he opens your envelope your communication process completes.

Now a day envelopes are so common in routine life for correspondence that brochures, pamphlets, flyers and other promotional printing products are being sent via envelopes.

Types of envelopes

Usually two types of envelopes are being used.

1. Window envelopes

2. Without window envelopes

Window envelopes are very much helpful for those companies who are professional in their correspondence with their clients. Banks, multinational companies etc use window envelopes. In window envelopes front side keeps a whole or window. This window is used to see inside the envelope. Usually you keep the documents with folding and fold it in a way that the address of your client or to whom you want to send it, comes on front side. When you place that document in window envelope the printed address along with all particular of clients is visible through that whole. Back side of window envelope is carries your company particulars.

Without window envelopes are usually used for confidential documents. These are colored and made up of thick paper stock material so that nobody can see through the envelopes.