How to use Flyers in promoting your business

There are several ways to promote your business whether you have a store selling anti-aging products or if you have a bakery with homemade cookies. The most convenient and cheapest way to grab the attention of the people is to get your name out there with the help of attractive flyers. Effective planning can ensure that new customers will start coming in the door very easily.

Let’s explore some tips on making your business grow by using flyers as one of the small business marketing ideas.

1. Avoid too many colors and fonts

Some people use too many fonts and colors on the flyers due to which the customers are not able to get the actual message. The trick is to use only one to two fonts and keeping it simple.

2. Cut down the clutter please

While designing flyers, it is not right to include every product or service on one sheet of paper. If you do, it makes the design look cluttered and it is also not possible to make space for everything on the page. It is better if you cover just a couple of your key services and give more details about them in the design in order to create more impact.

3. Colored flyers are better

Given a choice, one should always use full color flyers compared to black and white ones. Color copies seize more attention of the people as they look more professional. However, if there are budget constraints then one can go for black copy against a bold color paper. You can choose any color like bright pink or yellow to stand out more than any other color. The eventual goal is to boost your message with the flyer.


4. Carrying customer info

Flyers carrying customer testimonials provide credibility to your company and your services/products. Testimonials should in fact be added in each of the marketing ideas and not just flyers. Full names and a photo should be included in customer testimonials.

5. Discount should be included

Attract customers by offering discounts. A discount coupon can gather much better results than anything else but it is advisable to have a good discount. If you are able to impress them in the first place then they will stay with you in the long run also. The product you are offering a discount for should be included in a photo. For example a water heater could be shown fixing if there is a service business like a plumber. People will redeem coupons more if you show the product or service.

6. Photocopies used should not be cheap

Photocopies are not the ideal choice for flyers as they make them look cheap. Run the copies off  the original or go for a Printing Service. Flyers should look crisp and professional while photocopies look cheap. These details are important to make an impact on potential customers.



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