Greeting cards a special emotional attachment between the sender and the receiver. It is important that it should be designed in such a way that it expresses your sentiments and emotional attachments itself to the other person. Even when you are sending greeting card to your client, the design should be impressive and captivating. Striking background, whether it’s an abstract art, vector, or texture pattern, it one way or another makes the whole artwork looks more attractive.

Here I have designed really admirable abstract and background design you might want to take a look at and can shape up your greeting cards accordingly.

Handy Half Fold Cards—– Steps To Be Followed!

Greeting cards are an incredible means to send your feelings for festival, particular events or just a sudden greeting but they can get costly if you have lots of people to send cards to. You can save time and funds by creating your own half-fold greeting cards without any hassle using your computer and printer at home.

As Half Fold cards are 8 1/2 x 11 before they are folded, they are ideal for Do It Yourself home printing and they effortlessly fold by hand to 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Use these Half Folds for requests, line up events, greeting cards, or whatever thing you can imagine of. Print on the front, the back, the inside left and/or right, or on any amalgamation of the card’s sections. It’s all up to you! Here are few tips that can be followed to have presentable greeting card.


1.       Open a fresh document in your word-processing software. Choose the page-setup icon, transform the page course to landscape, and select two columns.

2.       Click within the second column with your mouse or press “Tab” on the keyboard in anticipation of the text line is at the crest of the second column.

3.       Type a warm wishes name such as “Happy wedding anniversary”, “congratulations” or “thank You” depending on the celebration or event.

4.       Choose the clip-art icon from the top of the browser and select a clip-art design for your greeting card. Double click the drawing to unlock it in your document. Resize the picture to fit inside the second column. Click on any curve and drag it in the direction of the middle to create the clip art less significant or drag it away from the center to make the picture bigger.

5.       Click inside the foremost column with your mouse. Type a concise message for the backside of the card such as “sponsored by [Name] or this card had been designed by [name].”

6.       Put a sheet of card stock inside the printer and print the card design. You can use any color of card stock you are fond of, but remembering the card design will print erroneously on gloomy colors of paper.

7.       Follow steps one and two to release a fresh document to make the inside of the greeting card. Type a poetry, sonnet or private message in the second column of your new file.

8.       Eliminate the paper from the printer and turn over the paper. Place it backside in to the printer just as before and print the inside on to the vacant side of the card stock. Take out the card from the printer and fold up the card partly.

This way you can have plenty of marvelous eye-catching and persuasive cards designed for versatile events.