What is DL envelope?

DL Envelopes are type of paper envelope that fits A4 size paper twice folded in it. D stands for Dimension and L stands for Lengthwise. So it is basically a dimension lengthwise envelope.

DL Envelopes

DL Envelopes

Measurements of DL envelope

DL envelope contains 22 cm in width with horizontal dimension and 11cm height in vertical dimension.

Types of DL envelope

Due to its wide usage, this type of envelope are being printed in different types like; plain DL envelope, printed DL envelope, window DL envelope, logo DL envelope, gummed DL envelope, non gummed DL envelope. while using gummed DL envelopes you need not to use any extra sticky material to enclose the flap of envelope because it already contain enough gum, you just need to make it sticky by moisten it using drops of water or by saliva.

Usage of DL envelopes

These types of envelopes are widely being used for domestic and non official purpose because you have to fold the A4 paper to fit it in DL envelope. Folding of paper will make the paper rough and may give it a little non official look, but these are very much helpful if you want short correspondence.

Custom DL envelopes printing online

A bulk of online printing companies can be seen printing DL envelopes online. But if you are looking for customized and full color DL envelopes be choosy and spend a little time to place your order to print it. It may look very simple to print these envelopes but professional online printing companies know that simple things too can make impression. So make your impression by printing good DL envelopes from well reputed printing company either it is a non line or online printing company.