How to Make a Brochure

Full color brochure for the hotel business is something that surely boosts up your hotel business. A good and attractive brochure has the ability to deliver the information to colossal in no time.

If you don’t know how to make your hotel brochures more effective, this article will help out you to produce a new thought regarding brochure design and layout. These techniques are also very helpful to make your customers a quick read of your brochures.

Use of Attractive and Eye Catching Slogans and Headers

Try to divide your hotel brochure content in two major parts. One is called is header or catch line and the other is body content of brochure. Catch line or header is a first thing that draws the reader’s attention to your brochure. While reading a newspaper in a quick look, reader always prefers to read those stories that contain attractive and catchy headlines. If the initial and bold part of the content is dull, more chances are there that reader may over look your whole effort of brochure printing. Don’t make your brochures as rubbish. As long as your hotel brochures keep in hands of readers, chances of your business success also increase. Header has also a capability to make the content easier to read. Make the headline unique and informative, so a reader can get all the necessary information in one or two lines. Don’t force the readers to spend much time on comprehending the whole content of your brochure.

List Down the Content of Brochure in Right Order

Make a list of contents or body text of brochure with top priority items first and then the others. The order of the information is so important. This exercise will help the readers to navigate the whole brochure quickly. Avoid making a mixture of information. Place it in right order and organize manner. When a reader takes your hotel brochure he finds it very easy to browse the things of his interest. This exercise will defiantly eliminate the entire irrelevant paragraph. Listing the things helps you in another manner. If you are organize and in order, reader will remember the contents for a long time. Furthermore while writing text of brochure, keep simple words and phrase in your mind. If you are suggesting complex and difficult text to print on your brochures, then you are going to ruin the entire exercise of brochure printing. Simplicity is the best policy to convey your messages.

Use of Pictures in Effective Manner

No doubt that an image or picture can leave impact on reader’s mind more than thousand words. Image has tendency to deliver the message in more accurate and precise ways. Try to paste those images on your brochure that are relevant and have compatibility with the text of brochure. Use colorful and unique sketches in your hotel brochures.

Print a Dummy Brochure

Before printing huge amount of brochures, don’t forget to take a dummy copy of it. Highlight the mistakes in it and remove it. After proof reading with a close and Sharpe eye, you can make a strong impression on readers.

Make your own bi fold brochures

What is Bi- fold brochure?

It is quite clear from the name that when a brochure is folded in two folds to print long text, images and graphics to distribute among the masses it will be named as bi fold brochure or two fold brochure.  US standard size is 11 x 8.5 inches. BI fold brochure is the best way to promote your business. Bi fold brochure gives you extra space to your marketing campaign.

Bi fold brochure contains four sides or panels.

Front side, two internal sides and back side.

Front side of bi fold brochure is surely the most important part of it. When you place an order to print it, always keep one thing in your mind that front panel should be attractive. Make it innovative and unique by using eye catching colors and images. If your front have the ability to attract the readers, only then reader would turn its fold to read further text and if your front side is not up to the mark then the whole exercise to print bi fold brochure would be consider d as a futile exercise.



How to make your own bi fold brochures?

Making your own designed bi fold brochure is easy and with a bit of research and brain storming you can easily stand out from the crowd. Make your brochures presentable just doing a little research.

Tips to design a bi fold brochure

Ideas to Remember for you Brochure Design and Layout

1. Narrow down your purpose

First of all you have to understand, what the purpose of printing bi fold brochures is? Make a list of your products and information you want to print on it. Sort out this list by placing most important product on top. Secondly also make a sketch in your mind that which product will be printed on which part of the bi fold brochure.

2. Presentation

Presentation of brochure will decide whether the design will be vertical or horizontal. Whenever you place an order to your printing company, ask them to print a dummy design of both dimensions and penetrating deep into the dummy print, decide which style of presentation looks better. Remember that the picture, graphics, logo or text shouldn’t cross the crease border of brochure.