Revamp your identity with Dow printing

To have a corporate identity is very important to deliver the essence of professionalism. Whether you are an occasion plotter, a restaurant owner, or a self-employed journalist, owning a business card is a necessity to identify your unambiguous brand significance. The illustration description on your business card is an immense technique of transmission across a set of values and wisdom of principle to your customers. Dow printing is here to inform you how to go regarding obtaining this well-built business identity through your new business card.

Business cards can become an influential means of advertizing for your minute production, if gripped properly. The plan of your business card expresses special business principles that you want your aim client base to connect with your products and services.

Your business card is also liable for bringing reliability to all the outgoing communiqué from your corporation. It symbolizes your true corporate identity in particular when you deal out it throughout business round tables and during your local meeting room of business meetings.

Dow printing is one of the renowned firms to give your corporate identity a better look, to be presentable in the business world.

There are various features that are included in business card offered by Dow printing to revamp your identity:

  1. First of all comes the heading of a business card will comprise the name of your business followed by person’s name. The heading can also be your profession title. This piece of essential information is typically in the center or at the top of the card with outsized and bold layout.
  2. Secondly, your business card should converse information about the manufactured goods or service you are advertising through a pleasing visual avowal. This can be prepared by using a striking logo, a convincing image, or a blend of colors.
  3. A jingle gets across the chief idea of your company, or your individual/ corporation significance.
  4. While presenting your contact information, try to incorporate a lot of ways to reach you as likely. A cell phone number, a voicemail number, an e-mail ID, a website address and perhaps a Twitter address are all essential today.

Significantly Watch out Business Cards Dow printing offers:

  1. An apparent and clear-cut design to communicate your exact significance to your client society
  2. An average size 3.5” by 2” business card for it to fit in a wallet, or a card diary
  3. A huge supply of your business cards accessible with you at all times
  4. A specialized quality publish job to indicate that you are a devoted home business owner and signify actual dealing
  5. Use of a paper or any other writable plane on the overturn side to note down any unprepared information


There are various creative and unique methods through which Dow printing furnished its prestigious clients. The wide variety of all shapes and sizes are available, along with eye catching logo designs in bulk that will revamp your corporate identity and will help you in flourishing your business.

Grab 5 ideas to make best use of your printing material!

Yes! Printing material is more than just a display in your showcase. It is not a decoration, it has purpose to be there! It’s you who has to realize its need and make it your promotional tool. For those who are still confused what actually are printing materials, I would like to tell them printing material includes brochures, flyers, greeting cards, newsletters and much more. You can make them your advertising material as it contains logos, company profile or the details of the products you cater to the market. I will be sharing 10 ideas to make best use of your printing material!

  1.        Business cards:

Your business card is one of the most precious promotional and social networking tools you have in your use to keep your contacts intact. The business card is the most influential particular business tool you can invest in. It’s handy, cheap, and keeps working for you for years. Your business card:

  • Tell your name and the name of your business identity
  • Provide a way to contact you
  • Communicate others your business ethics and work
  1.        Brochures:

Brochures must be vigilantly designed and planned to obtain an adequate answer. Many features add to the layout, color scheme, font choice, text, and images of the endorsement brochure, but how it will be used is essential. The use of the brochure is close to the idea, from which flows the complete plan. Brochure contains special details about a product or service. It is used as an advertising tool including ample details of the products or service. Vibrant colors and attractive images add beauty to your brochures.

  1.        Postcards

Postcard printing is one of the simple and most lucrative advertising tools that you can use. The compact size gives for an immediate design, economical printing, and inexpensive mailing. Plus, postcards create more results in shorter time span. The general use for postcards is, of course, shortest post promotion. For excellent outcome, send to a specific customer list and design the postcard to their lifestyle wishes. Don’t mess it with pointless details. Be sure your headline makes an attractive offer and your call to action is obvious. Use descriptions that notify to your offer and embrace your contact information.

  1.        Envelopes

Envelopes are great way to deliver your profile to your clients. So you should design your envelope in different and better way. You should be self creative, select the color scheme according to your taste but be confident that it will attract the clients as well. You can emboss logo design or a slogan to it. Some of the common events where envelopes are used are:

  • Weddings
  • Retirements
  • Business correspondence
  • Graduations
  1.        Stickers:

Sticker paper can be used for lots of arts and crafts projects, marketing or embellishing. With a fine printer and some easy supplies, sticker paper can be one of the most adaptable tools in your home and for your business. Make your sticker vibrant and glossy to attract customers.

Hope these ideas must have helped you to design your printing material in a better way, do inform me via comments or if you have any additional information, I will appreciate if you share with all of us.

Brochures NOW worth it!

For making a brochure unique and interesting you should be clear with such questions in their minds. What is the reason of your brochure? Is your brochure a promotional tool? Is it a complete product description-marketing piece? Or to put it another way, what sort of clients will be getting your brochure?

For all such queries one you should be focused, for those who are still into ambiguity let me make them clear.

Categories of brochures:

1.            Most wanted brochure type is designed, keeping in mind to grab new clients. Just like any television ad, it screams for attention, and plays on the emotions of the purchaser. It has tempting and comparatively big headline, powerful visuals, and call an individual for an action.

This kind of brochure design works to build curiosity, and to makes aspiration for your products or services. It attracts clients to follow through by giving back a filled coupon, or calling, or coming in.

2.            Second category of brochure is designed to guide your clients and instructs them with the detailed information about the products and services you are offering. These clients have contacted you with queries. Often they want to know everything about a product or service. The second brochure design is made to provide them with sufficient information that your clients are requiring. Certainly a brochure can both get attention and give detailed information, but you may not want to do this.

What are you trying to achieve? Do you want more loyal clients to come into your company? Then create curiosity and thrill with an advertisement type brochure designed to bring them in.

Or are your customers looking for details? Then you want to make a brochure packed with information especially for them.

It is preferable to design two different brochures to achieve these two different objectives. Detailed product information will not attract a new customer to call.sub standard sales brochure will not please your target customers. You should be clear with your objective and design your brochure accordingly.

This golden key should be implemented by you whenever you are designing a brochure. Think about this: If you are making the wrong brochure, you are just wasting your money, and you are losing your potential clients.