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5 important questions you may ask regarding online printing services.

How can I place an order?

Most convenient way to place your order is by visiting After visiting the website, follow the steps given below to complete the ordering process:
1. Select a product from our listed products and click on "Buy Now".
2. After estimating the prize of product according to the quantity of your order, click on "order now" button.
3. If you want to print your own created design, then click on "upload design" or click "request for custom design".
4. If you are not registered yet, please select "New customer" and enter required fields and Sign in.
5. At the Shopping Cart View page, click on "Check out" button.
6. Press the "Check out" button after entering/editing your Billing/Shipping Information on the next page.
7. You will be taken to the Thank You page.
8. You will receive an Order Confirmation email soon after placing your order. We look forward to receiving your order.

How can I change or cancel an order?

Generally when an order is placed online, we quickly transfer your order to the production steps and cannot be changed. But still if you want to change your order you need to be very quick in response because there is a small time to change or cancel your forwarded order. This window of time varies between 30 and 60 minutes after you place your order. Return to our website, and click on YOUR ACCOUNT, then select "Order History". Next select "Get the Status of This Order". If you are able to cancel at that time, there will be a CANCEL button available. You can then cancel your order, make the changes, and place a new order.

How can I add things to an order?

If you want to add some extra items in your order, you will need to visit the shopping cart of your design which you have forwarded to us to print. Click on CREATE ADDITIONAL ITEM TO ORDER. This will take you back to our website where you will be able to choose an additional product to add to the existing order.

How can I change email/password?

To change your password, Sign in and click on "Your Profile" link. Here you can easily change your password and personal information.

What is the procedure for online payment?

Like all other online business, we also prefer payment by credit card.Currently, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express (excluding corporate cards). You can also use your bank check-card, as long as it has a Visa or MasterCard symbol.When you place your order, simply enter your credit card information on the Billing Information page.You shouldn't worry while sending you credit card information because we use SSL security technology.We do not accept payment by check, money order or C.O.D